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Touched By Mercy Ministries is a Non Profit 501(c)3 Organization, using Media and evangelism to reach a lost and dying world through the message of Hope, Forgiveness & Restoration  


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The Weapons Of Our Warfare
By Kenneth R. Walls

Excerpt from the introduction

As a minister of the Gospel I am not one who often preaches series.  I am not opposed to it, it just hasn't been how the Lord has directed me.  Most of the time this type of teaching has been commonly reserved to the home studies, but in light of the direction the Lord had taken me and the congregation of which I pastor, for several weeks, as we had been seemingly talking in one way or another on the test and trials we face, the question resounded to me, “How do we turn the corner on our focus of our own personal plight?  This subject you will be reading about in this book became an obvious progression--
“The Weapons of Our Warfare”

Falling off the Mountain
By Kenneth R. Walls

Mercy and grace two words poetically intertwined in the hymns we sing in church, words  we have heard so many times spoken with flair by men of God from the pulpit.  I was one of those men who with ease dropped those two buzzwords; along with many other familiar phrases we call Christian-eze, into message after message.  I had ultimately taken them for granted until I needed them.  In the past several years I have discovered what grace and mercy are all about.  It is when you have done the one thing you believe is the worst sin to be committed by a man or woman of God, and yet God looks down with gentleness and says, ‘I love  you and I forgive, just come back home.’  There is no greater experience.


 Climbing Again ( Four essential steps after a spiritual fall )
    By Kenneth R. Walls

Introduction excerpt:

These three simple words spoken over three thousand years ago still echo throughout the heavens.  They form a phrase that set into motion a grace and mercy man had never fully known before, and whose depth and width we still grapple to understand today.
For nearly twelve years, as of this writing, I have journeyed back up a mountain that I had stepped off of by following my own desires.  A “fall from grace” we call it, but though I had fallen shrouded in blackness, I did not land in a black hole, alone and forgotten.  Rather, I fell into the arms of grace.  I didn't fall from it; I fell

into it.  But where did it come from, and why?  I didn't deserve it, and I didn't expect it; but there it was, warm and inviting.  Grace wasn't alone.  Mercy accompanied her, a bright light of love, surrounding her like the rings of Saturn. 

Encapsulated in a love I had never realized, I took that first step upward, joined by my two new friends.  Each took a hand and guided me over rock and crevice.  As I slipped they would steady me, and we would continue on.  Though we often have to repeat this process, grace and mercy never left my side. 
The climb has never been without pain or discomfort.  Loose rocks and boulders are everywhere, and hidden in the caves along the path are winged tormentors, who threaten to end the ascent.  But with each slip and fall, the balm of Gilead is poured out upon the wound, soothing each scrape and bruise.
As I pen these words, “it is finished” continues to flash through my mind: the finality, the completed work, all for me.  In my spiritual eyes, I can see Christ as the nails pierce through His hands and feet.  Writhing in pain, He presses His head against the splintered timber, yelling into the darkness, “Father, forgive him!” Then, “It is finished.”  What an amazing truth.
That is what my previous book, “Falling off the Mountain”, and this teaching tool is all about: the amazing truth of God’s amazing grace.  A truth not deserved, but delivered anyway.  A story of redemption so remarkable, I would not have believed it if I had not lived it.  In fact, I am still living it.
The daily reality, I have not reached the top of the mountain, as I thought I had the day I stepped off.  I will not reach the top until I enter into that great city “whose Builder and Maker is God” (Hebrews 11: KJV).






A Fresh Word   31 Topical studies to refresh your spirit
By Kenneth R. Walls

A Fresh Word is a collection of 31 studies that will enlighten, challenge, and 
encourage you to delve deeper into God's Word!